Welcome to the Realms WikiEdit

Welcome! To get started, add a page for your country, and start writing. You may also write about important events / people / places / organizations, so long as they are known by the community and impacted the server in some way. Please, be respectful to others, and most importantly have fun!


  1. Nations Tutorial
  2. Gods Tutorial
  3. Disease Tutorial
  4. Professions Tutorial
  5. Tech Crafting Tree (professions)
  6. Food Crafting Tree (professions)
  7. Citadel Tutorial
  8. Juke Alert Tutorial
  9. Brewery Tutorial
  10. Movecraft Tutorial; Ships & Elevators
  11. Movecraft Ship Types

Pages NeededEdit

We desperately need nation and regional pages to get started; as stated above, it would be much quicker for members of respective nations to be the ones adding those pages and writing the history. Until we decide on a page format, you may use any custom template or format you desire.

Latest activityEdit

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