Spera was the first open region in the Realms. It is no longer available as of March 23, 2016, although players may download the final map here

Spera Resource DistributionEdit

Spera has a 'realistic resources' distribution. It is custom, and has ores, animals, minerals, and trees distributed based on the biome. Here is a chart that shows everything:

Realistic Biomes-0

Green means more common, and grows more quickly, while red means rare, and grows extremely slow. The absence of a dot indicates that the biome cannot grow that resource.

The rarity of colors, from lowest to highest, are as such:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green

For example, here is what savannas have, based on the above chart:

  • Excess Coal, an average amount of Iron ore, and a higher then average amount of Gold ore.
  • Some Granite
  • Rare Oak trees, mostly Acacia trees, and sometimes there are Birch trees.
  • Only wheat and cacti grow here, with wheat growing slightly faster then cacti.
  • Many horses can be found, along with a few chickens, and rarely sheep.