Originally known as the Kingdom of Razgriz located in central Spera, Razgriz is now an island chain inhabited by the Pirates of Razgriz. They are descendants of the original Kingdom of Razgriz. After the events of the Great Collapse these surviving refugees gathered together and began raiding and extorting neighboring nations while constructing massive seaside fortifications.

Original Kingdom:Edit

Built upon the ruins of an abandoned farming colony, the first city in the original Razgrizian Empire was known as Oured. Established by the three roaming companions, Arker_IV, awesojay and jstaggers, the city rapidly progressed from a small trading post into a large and strategic capital with a growing population.This progress was not without its problems though. A border dispute with neighboring Valenwood resulted in a small conflict with Obore providing material assistance to both sides. After finishing their fortifications the ruling council expanded its claim towards the sea and began construction on the city of Solitude. With the fall of Estercrest thereafter, the seaside town of Fjordhelm also fell into Razgrizian hands. Though maintaining a small amount of territory Razgriz soon came to the forefront of Speran politics when they created a canal strategically linking the Bay of Razgriz to its northern neighbors. After this, the nation faded into obscurity with a handful of bandits occupying the ruins of the once great cities until the Great Collapse.


After the Great Collapse, the bandits and a few Razgrizian exiles established their outpost on an isolated archipelago to the western edge of the world. The climate of these islands and the distance from other civilizations allowed for a unique dialouge to develop. Additionally, the pirates began to worship Asopus, the god of the sea whose altar had been discovered on the islands.